About us

We create works of art, beautiful and unique products. We process materials such as steel, bronze, brass, gold, glass, wood, combining traditional techniques with modern technology, which allows us to achieve results that are unattainable for others.

Additionally, we manufacture a wide range of products which some can be found in our offer. This offer is for people and institutions who want their homes, businesses and gardens be exceptional. We have experience in complex equipping hotels and other institutions in all the blacksmith work, stained glass as well as woodwork.

Moreover, we are able to reconstruct or restore historic fences, gates, railings. All works are made on the basis of their projects approved by the customer or in accordance with the project architect.

There is nothing impossible for us to do. You can also can find our products on polish allegro. Especially animals made of steel and a lot of details such as roses, tulips and leafs.




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